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Betula Pendula Youngii

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Question from Richard Taylor


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I have planted a Betula Pendula Youngii with the aim of creating a tree canopy which I can sit under when it has grown. How do I care for the tree so that it grows in this way. Do I need to prune the lower branches in early spring in order to create the space underneath?
Also if I move house while it is still young, will it survive a move of location.

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  • Posted: Fri. 12th September 2008 13:09


Reply from Palustris Catz

You can remove branches to create a standard type of growth. However, do this before or after the sap is rising. Birch trees do tend to bleed if damaged when the sap is flowing freely. Best way is to rub off any unwanted side growths when they first appear.
Moving it once establsihed is difficult, but generally for the first couple of years you should be able to as long as you are very careful not to damage too many roots. Remember that plants in the soil in a garden belong to the house and may not be removed unless specifically excluded from the sale.
Otherwise Betula are easy trees to grow needing no special treatment.

  • Posted: Fri. 12th September 2008 15:12