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Salix Tortuosa

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Question from Fiona Webb


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I have just taken delivery of the Salix Tortuosa. It only has a 6inch trunk and 6 branches coming from that extending to 5ft. How do I shape it so the trunk grows taller, so it looks like a tree a child would draw? At the moment it looks like a strange shrub

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  • Posted: Thu. 26th August 2010 20:25

Re: Salix Tortuosa

Reply from Katy Elton

Hi Fiona,

It's usually best to wait until a new tree has been in the ground for a growing season before carrying out any significant formative pruning, as this allows it to settle and reduces shock levels.

So once it has been in the ground for a growing season and is in dormancy (so next autumn/ winter), to develop a clear trunk and crown you should remove the lower third of branches, and reduce the middle third to half. Repeat this for the next few years, until around year four/ five when a clear trunk should have developed.

In the meantime you should be removing any dead, diseased or damaged growth from throughout the tree.
Regular pruning of the crown will encourage the twisted growth that this tree is known for - as it is fairly fast growing it responds to this well.

Hope this helps! Remember to add to your 'plants I have' list to receive regular care and pruning instructions: Salix 'Tortuosa'.


  • Posted: Thu. 26th August 2010 21:23