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Question from Terry Coker


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I have been told that Potentilla Red Ace is an evergreen plant, but according to my research its deciduous ? I've never owned this variety so am not sure.

Any advise much appreciated

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  • Posted: Tue. 7th September 2010 15:58

Re: Deciduous

Reply from Valerie Munro

Hi Terry

I have a Potentilla 'Red Ace' in my garden, and it is definitely not evergreen - in fact, I cannot think of even one that is!

The normal distinction in this group of plants is between them being perennial or shrubby; here the implication is if the plant disappears down to its base in the winter (perennial), or whether it will maintain a twiggy framework, after the leaves have dropped, during the winter months (shrubby).

Potentillas are one of my favourite plants as they have an extremely long flowering season - however, you must ensure that they are kept well fed with a high potassium fertiliser and watered regularly for them to continue to push out all those blooms!

Good luck
Auntie Planty

  • Posted: Tue. 7th September 2010 17:30

Re: Deciduous

Reply from Nicola

Hi Terry - we do have this plant listed as deciduous too. See it here:

Potentilla Red Ace

Hope that helps! Nicola

  • Posted: Tue. 7th September 2010 19:35