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Eriobotrya Japonica Problem

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Question from Bea


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Hi, please can anyone help.I recently planted Eriobotrya Japonica tree approx 10 feet tall - trunk girth 8 inches. I planted near SE facing wall with rose tree & shrub compost as advised by the garden centre & backfilled with the soil which is clay in this area. The tree was watered well and also has had a lot of rain. Now the leaves are turning yellow & dropping, approx 50 leaves in last 2 weeks, & still falling although new leaves are also growing. Any suggestions or remedies would be greatly appreciated as it is a lovely tree & would hate to lose it.Many thanks

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  • Posted: Fri. 10th September 2010 12:21

Re: Eriobotrya Japonica Problem

Reply from Katy Elton

Hi Bea,

Eriobotrya Japonica likes fairly well drained soil, and doesn’t like to sit in too much water. The leaf drop that you have witnessed may be due to a combination of lots of water/rain and heavy soil. It may also be attributed to the stress of the tree being transplanted and adapting to its new surroundings. The fact that it is sending out new growth is a good sign, and would indicate that it is settling into the new conditions. I would ease off the watering and do anything you can to improve drainage in the area (although there is little you can do to great effect now that the tree is already planted). Regular light digging in of organic matter and sand around the area may help a little. If the problem persists and drainage can’t be improved you might want to think about moving to a container with plenty of drainage holes, crocks in the bottom, and a well draining soil added.

Hope this helps! Remember to add to your ‘plants I have’ list to receive regular care instructions: Eriobotrya Japonica.


  • Posted: Fri. 10th September 2010 13:35