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Abies Koreana Sick

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Hi Kathy
Many thanks for your reply, well actually we are not sure when the tree was planted as we just moved to this address last January, but as the house was constructed 15 years ago it cannot be more than 15 years since planted. To answer your questions:
1. I have examined the foliage and cannot see any sign of Aphids or other pests, although I am recently advised that there are Aphid species that bury into the trunk or branches and these can cause conifers to lose their foliage, no visible sign of this.
2. No adverse weather here since last winter although we did have about 110mm of rain over a 2 week period.
3. No garden or adjaent structural work that might affect the root system.
4. I have recently scarified the lawn area where the tree is located and did use an autumn feed and weed dressing a week or so back, I do not think this can be the cause as did the same in the spring and no adverse effect on the tree.
And so to summarise, I am still lost for ideas!!
Many thanks again

Tony B.

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  • Posted: Tue. 5th October 2010 08:48

Re: Abies Koreana Sick

Reply from Ornamental Tree Nurseries

Hi Tony,
That is a large Abies Koreana.
Usually a yellowing of the needles from the inside out is a sign of lack of moisture. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the ground is too dry, it could be that the moisture just isn’t being taken up by the tree. It could be root rot which will slowly effect a tree, although the use of weed killer sounds a bit ominous to me. Unfortunately there isn’t anything you can do now but wait and see if it recovers. I would advise avoiding any further use of the weed killer in that location as although it didn’t affect the tree straight away it can be a gradual thing. Some trees do recover from root related problems.

Ornamental Tree Nurseries

  • Posted: Mon. 8th November 2010 15:38