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clematis tangutica - leaves have gone brown

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Question from Lorna Dyter


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I have bought a new clematis tangutica and as it was only in a 9" pot, it had loads of leaves on it and was apparently 2 years old when I got it. I had not prepared the ground where it was going to be planted, so I put it in the greenhouse (background heat only when temperature drops below 5 deg C). I see that all the leaves have gone brown, they have not dropped off but the plant does not look very healthy as a result. Is this normal for these clematis, or have I done it harm by putting in greenhouse?

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  • Posted: Tue. 4th January 2011 12:15

Re: clematis tangutica - leaves have gone brown

Reply from Kathy C

Hi, Lorna,
Your Clematis tangutica is deciduous so it will lose its leaves in winter. As long as it has been watered regularly, is getting adequate light but the base of the plant is in shade, it should be okay. Having said that, though, give it a prune in early spring (since it is in pruning group 3) by cutting all of last year's growth back to a pair of strong buds 15cm above the compost level. If is sprouts (and it may take a little while for that to happen), I would plant it, otherwise I would say it is lost.
Kathy C

  • Posted: Thu. 6th January 2011 20:55

Re: Re: clematis tangutica - leaves have gone brown

Reply from Lorna Dyter

Hi Kathy
Thank you very much for your advice, I was concerned. I will keep my fingers crossed that it has survived. The fact that the leaves will go brown and presumably drop off is encouraging and I have kept it watered although only lightly during the winter, plus it is sat on the floor of the greenhouse on soil, so I hope it is OK. I will look out for some new shoots in a month or so and prune back to those. If it has survived, I have a place for it in the garden.

  • Posted: Fri. 7th January 2011 08:53