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Standard bay leaf spot

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my four standard bays have developed leaf spot which i have only just noticed since the snow melted. Could the cold have caused the problem? i have also noticed some on my red robin.
and lastly can i treat it and how. i am not against using chemicals!
thanks in advance

Standard bay leaf spot (07/01/2011)Standard bay leaf spot (07/01/2011)Standard bay leaf spot (07/01/2011)

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  • Posted: Fri. 7th January 2011 12:22

Re: Standard bay leaf spot

Reply from matt smith

Hi there I think with reference to the red Robin don't worry too much about the black spot as in the south east it's very common and they are susceptible to this. The bay try a general herbicide and parasite spray and feed well in spring with a general feed.
Hope this helps. Matt

  • Posted: Fri. 7th January 2011 14:59