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Question from Bridget Price


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I have had my olive tree outside throughout the winter in a sheltered position and despite the cold weather it has seemed to survive, however I noticed that all the leaves have started dropping off Idon't want to loose this plant does anyone have any helpful tips? thank you Bridget.

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  • Posted: Sat. 15th January 2011 10:51

Re: olive tree

Reply from Kathy C

Hi, Bridget,
How cold did it get where you live? Any snow on the plant? Olea europea does not tolerate snow but can tolerate short periods down to -5C as would be expected with a light to medium frost. It won't tolerate hard frosts at all. I am assuming it is in a pot. Is it possible the container froze? Frozen roots will spell disaster. My guess is it just couldn't handle this cold winter.
Kathy C

  • Posted: Tue. 18th January 2011 19:29

Re: Re: olive tree

Reply from Bridget Price

Hi Kathy thank you for your reply you are right in assuming it is in a pot, unfortunately it has been left out in the snow I have bought it into our shed now and I am going to try and nurse it back to health!! Fingers crossed!! Bridget.

  • Posted: Wed. 19th January 2011 11:37

Re: olive tree

Reply from Julie R

I live in north Wiltshire and the same thing happened to my 9 year old olive tree last winter. It was covered in snow and lost all of its leaves but they did come back, for the most part. Another olive in a neighbour's garden lost its leaves, as well.

This winter, I have wrapped the new terra cotta container in 2-3 layers of bubblewrap and covered the tree in one of those green fleece bags. I am still worried about it, however, because it's been covered since December. The bag is a bit of a tight fit since the shape is conical, unlike the shape of the olive. I don't want to continually remove it and put it back on - and though it's been a bit milder lately, the lows are -2 and -3, and it could quickly turn to more snow.

Any suggestions? Should I just remove the fleece?

  • Posted: Wed. 19th January 2011 07:41