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Hi we have the campsis tagliabuana for a few years and it has flowered a number of times but with only a few blooms, but last year it never flowered at all any ideas.
Thanks jacquie

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  • Posted: Mon. 24th January 2011 19:46

Re: Not flowered

Reply from Kathy C

Hi, Jacquie,
The key to flowers with Campsis tagliabuana is pruning. Prune it hard each spring to encourage new growth. The other thing Campsis needs to flower well is a hot summer. Not sure where you live, but I don't think much of the UK had a hot summer last year! Finally, if it is container grown, give it a feed in spring before bud break. Then, a few times in the growing season. I wouldn't feed it to much - Campsis is quite vigorous and might just get out of control with too much food.
Kathy C

  • Posted: Tue. 25th January 2011 19:56