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Pruning philadelphus (mock orange)

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I read that I am supposed to have pruned my philadelphus after flowering last year. I wasn't aware of this and still haven't pruned it. What should I do now?

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  • Posted: Thu. 3rd March 2011 10:59

Re: Pruning philadelphus (mock orange)

Reply from Carol

I don't know what the official line on this is, but I cut some rogue branches off mine yesterday. If it is quite small, and all growing how you want, I'm sure you could leave it alone. If it is huge already, it might be worth lopping off some of the bits that are likely to get in the way. My normal routine for shrubs like this (once solidly established) is to take out one third of the stems to the ground, and take a third off the top of another third of the stems and leave the rest alone.

  • Posted: Thu. 3rd March 2011 14:09

Re: Re: Pruning philadelphus (mock orange)

Reply from Jenny Hough

Hi, I believe that generally, you cut out stems that flowered last year, but leave those that didn't. These often are the ones that grow straight up and didn't branch last year. these are the ones that will flower this year. I.e. it will flower on the wood that grew last year, so don't cut that out or you will have no flowers!
hope that helps,

  • Posted: Sat. 5th March 2011 09:02