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My identity is a mystery. What am I?

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Apologies for the terrible photo. This has been a puzzle to me for far too long now. This beautiful little plant was given to me by my niece who grew it specially for me from school. Sadly, I no longer have it as it lived a year then died, but I would absolutley love to replace it. It is like a mini creeper with long bright pink (cerise) stems with a silvery hair coating them. The leaves are tiny and bright green and very fleshy feeling. It flowered very late in the year with each tiny pastel coloured bloom being a different colour.

Please help me to identify this plant, then I can do a little research on it and keep it in tip top conditions.

My identity is a mystery.  What am I? (04/03/2011)My identity is a mystery.  What am I? (04/03/2011)

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  • Posted: Fri. 4th March 2011 23:12

Re: My identity is a mystery. What am I?

Reply from mother nature

my guess and it is a guess from your description it might be mesembryanthemum. also known as living stone daisy. i cannot see the pic clearly enough as it is too small. but are the flowers daisy like when it blooms. open wide in full sun and close up at night. loves mild climate well drained. treated it as an annual and grow fresh each year. i first found it growing in the stone walls in guernsey while on hols there. i have had great success growing it from seed each year. let me know your conclusions. best wishes val

  • Posted: Sat. 5th March 2011 23:20