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Best dwarf fruit tree for balcony garden?

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Question from susan


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I am a newbie gardener with a balcony garden, in the past 3 yrs have grown tomatoes, peppers, courgettes, various flowers etc. 3ys in row no luck with my strawberry plants so this year i want to grow dwarf fruit trees in containers. I face west, get buffered by wind and would like to know which dwarf fruit trees would do well in these conditions. Would appreciate any advice anyone can give me, thanks.

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  • Posted: Sun. 6th March 2011 18:42

Re: Best dwarf fruit tree for balcony garden?

Reply from Victoria

Hi Susan, I have a 'John Downie' column apple tree in a big pot that has been doing well for 5 years on west-facing, windy balcony. It is not a dwarf so is 1m50 (started at 1m, 5 years ago) but the column shape means it doesn't take up space.
My balcony is really in full sun and can be very windy so tree is in direct sunlight all afternoon & loses lots of blossom but seems to be OK. Have had occasional probs with oidium/mildew but treat with organic spray. We have only had a few apples as blossom blows off but they were very tasty (!) an the tree is nice and leafy and has beautiful blossom.
Good luck!

  • Posted: Sat. 31st March 2012 11:12