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Planting in a tub

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Question from Kathryn Turtle


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I have just been given a Katherine Havemeyer and I would to know if it possible to plant the shrub in a pot and if so how large should the pot be?

Many thanks

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  • Posted: Mon. 14th March 2011 12:21

Re: Planting in a tub

Reply from Kathy C

Hi, Kathryn,
How big is the plant? You can keep it in a pot but to keep it the happiest and healthiest, it will take a little work. First, I would repot it into a container slightly larger than the one it is now. You will want to repot over the next coming years as you notice it outgrowing the one it is in. Do this until it reaches the size you want it to remain. After that, you will need to lift it out of its permanent pot every 3-4 years to root prune it so the roots don't girdle in the pot. You'll also keep the size in check once it is in its permanent position by regular pruning.
Kathy C

  • Posted: Mon. 14th March 2011 20:51