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BBC The One Show - Christine Walkden's Unusual Gardens

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Hi all,

The producer of the One Show has contacted us at Shoot. Christine Walkden, the horticultural expert on the BBC series The One Show, is going to be presenting a new series of short (4-5 min) films for the programme, looking at unusual, out of the ordinary or even just plain eccentric gardens.

If you would like them to consider your garden, please drop us a note here and we will pass on your interest.

(By the way you do not have to post any personal contact details here if you don't want to. We can work out who you 'behind the scenes'! :-))

Thanks! Nicola

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  • Posted: Sun. 18th January 2009 15:49

My Garden www.mygarden.ws

Reply from william hughes

Dear Nicola - 'My Garden' website chronicles a small garden in North Wales over the past few years - its trails and tribulations, its bee hives, its emphasis on biodiversity and above all else its collection of unusual plants from far flung corners of the World. This garden specialises in a large collection of unusual ferns and shade plants. There is something of interest at any time of the year, it is a 'plants mans garden'. If you are interested - let me know.
All the best,

  • Posted: Sun. 18th January 2009 17:22


Reply from Nicola

Hi William - great! By the way have you published a profile on the garden Shoot too? We'd love to see the images and plant list posted here as well.

We will pass the feedback back to the One Show. Thanks again

  • Posted: Sun. 18th January 2009 17:36

Unusual gardens...

Reply from Jenny Tunley Price

I have just taken on the lease for an old walled kitchen garden (3 acres) with 2 victorian glasshouses still standing. I'm about to start renovations and to run a community/educational project there, growing veg and fruit, cut flowers and ornamentals for local consumption. We're also restoring the old rosewalk folly nearby.

If you're interested, write to jenny.wigwam@virgin.net.


Jenny Tunley Price

  • Posted: Sun. 18th January 2009 17:28

Will do

Reply from Nicola

HI Jenny - thanks for the note. We'll pass your contact email along to the show. Nicola

  • Posted: Sun. 18th January 2009 17:37

My Garden

Reply from Tom Smith

Hi Nicola,

I designed this Garden by myself + asking my parents if they thought it was a good plant to put in our garden but since I completed my college course in Horticulture this was my first design project to tackle.

The Plants I placed in the garden were brought season by season for interest for that period, so we have got a succession of something focal within the garden.

I did try and squeeze in as many different plants into my garden as possible because I am a bit of a plant hunter and do like to try them out and see what will take and what wont (I have had some failures).

In my garden I have used plants like Osteospermum from South Africa and Agapanthus and along side those youll find roses which are typically a english plant and the list goes on from plants native to japan, UK, china, Australia + New Zealand etc.

My Garden simply is full of plants that I am really proud to have and my collection is ever expanding.

Please check my shoot profile for plant lists and more pictures of my garden.



Tom Smith


  • Posted: Sun. 18th January 2009 20:11