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My poor Bay Tree

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Question from Megan Fielding


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I have a Laurus Noblis planted in my garden from a pot last summer. The harsh show this winter has not been kind and appears to have all but killed it. I have trimmed it but some of the shoots are 'wooden' whilst some others seem 'bendy' most of the leaves are brown with lass than half a dozen green left. Should i perservere and is there anything i can do to help it?

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  • Posted: Mon. 14th March 2011 18:19

Re: My poor Bay Tree

Reply from Kathy C

Hi, Megan,
Sorry about your L. nobilis. They are borderline hardy at best and need a sheltered spot. Since there are some green leaves left, and some of the shoots flexible, it sounds like it survived. You could trim out all the dead (maybe wait to do this until you see buds break later this spring so you know what bits are still alive) and then hope for the best. You might have a lopsided tree, but it might recover, albeit slowly.
Kathy C

  • Posted: Mon. 14th March 2011 20:38

Re: Re: My poor Bay Tree

Reply from Megan Fielding

Thankyou Kathy,

On closer inspection today the shoots at the bottom are still green and bendy so I've given the poor thing a rather harsh trim and dug in a healthy handful of fishblood and bonemeal.

It lives in a small border which gets the best of the sun in the morning but shaded through the day.

I'm a novice in the garden but hoping this website will prevent me doing any harm as I'm finding gardening very soothing. Tomorrow I mat try to upload some images of my unfortunate Bay.

  • Posted: Thu. 17th March 2011 19:21

Re: Re: Re: My poor Bay Tree

Reply from Megan Fielding

Hoorah! My Bay tree is sprouting new shoots and leaves! Thankyou so much for your advice - saved me from digging it up in march and binning it.


  • Posted: Mon. 2nd May 2011 19:25