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Comment from Angie Robertson


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I just want to say that as a new member I am finding your site really useful and easy to use. I would like to make 2 comments which I think may be worthwhile considering.

1. Have you considered creating an app for today's mobile market. An app which would include a plant directory and individual plant lists (have and want) would be invaluable when trawling around nursery and garden centres. I have checked and I don't think there is anything on the market like this.

2. Your list of plants in very comprehensive and unless you are very knowledgable it is sometimes difficult to identify each individual plant. Would you consider placing a general species under each genus. I know that these things differ enourmously from plant to plant but it would be useful when trying to list all the plants in one's garden.

Once again, great site. Thanks for your time in reading my comments.

Edinburgh, Scotland

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  • Posted: Wed. 23rd March 2011 17:54

Re: Have you considered creating an app

Reply from Nick Gregory

I agree with both these topics and also I am not sure what to do if a plant is not on the list. For example... There are so many hydrangeas but I couldn't find a recent purchase (hydrangea la france) any ideas?

  • Posted: Sun. 3rd April 2011 18:45

Re: Re: Have you considered creating an app

Reply from Angie Robertson

Hi Nick

Thanks for agreeing with my comments. Re you hydrangea have you considered putting in a request to have your specific plant listed. I have done this and it was added within a couple of days. I have since requested another 2 to added.

I can't speak for everyone but I'm sure that most of us have plants that we have inherited or like me threw away the labels. It can be very time consuming trawling through all the different species but hey ho!!! I will not be defeated and will strive to identify my unknown plants.


  • Posted: Sun. 3rd April 2011 22:59

Re: Re: Re: Have you considered creating an app

Reply from Angie Robertson


Here is a link to the page to put in a request for a plant. If the link doesn't work you can find it in the help section.



  • Posted: Sun. 3rd April 2011 23:04

Re: Re: Re: Re: Have you considered creating an app

Reply from Nick Gregory

Hi Angie,
Thank you very much for the tip, I have just submitted my request and await the inclusion.
Isn't pring fantastic?


  • Posted: Sun. 10th April 2011 10:31

Re: Re: Have you considered creating an app

Reply from Nicola

Hi Nick, please use this Plant request form to request we add new plants to the site. We don't advertise it too widely as we are already flooded with plant requests! Hope you are enjoying Shoot:) Nicola

  • Posted: Sat. 2nd July 2011 08:38

Re: Have you considered creating an app

Reply from Nicola

Hi Angie - Only just seen this forum post today. Delighted you are enjoying the site!!

1. We did consider making an app but when we surveyed members there weren't many with smartphones yet. That was a year ago however so we might consider it again. The big question for us is whether you would be happy to pay extra for an app and if yes would it be for the iphone or ipad or other? Would a simple list of your plants only be sufficient? Would you want to search for other plants not in your lists? Would you want to see a list of suppliers for the plants too?

2. We have considered adding generic plants but there is an issue with care. There are 8 pruning groups for roses and 3 for clematis alone. So we could consider it but then the member would need to know which type of plant it was so that they get the right care advice for it.

Would love to hear your thoughts about the app:)

Hope you enjoy this glorious day!! Nicola

  • Posted: Sat. 2nd July 2011 08:35

Re: Have you considered creating an app

Reply from BC52MJC

Most certainly would use the app all the time. ANDROID is now taking over from iPhone. Don;t make the mistakeof ignoring Androids. Many new portable laptops and tablets now use Android. I would pay for an app deffinitely.

  • Posted: Sat. 1st October 2011 07:12

Re: Re: Have you considered creating an app

Reply from Nicola

Hi - thanks so much for the feedback!

What sort of features would you: 1) must have 2) like to have on an app?

Cheers Nicola

  • Posted: Sat. 1st October 2011 08:59

Re: Re: Re: Have you considered creating an app

Reply from KittyCat

Hi Nicola
Fantastic site by the way. Just can't stay away!!
Sorry to butt in on an old thread but just putting my two pennies worth in as a moderate app user!
I would happily buy an app if you did make one. There is currently an ok one for the iphone called Joy of Plants which I have. I think the format is good however I reckon if Shoot were to do one they could blow this one out of the water. The ones that are available do not have anywhere near the database you have and I would imagine that there could be a good gap in the market. I would imagine your established membership would help to make this a success.
I often use your site when I am out at a garden centre to look up plants and check if they will suit my garden and how big they grow etc. This can be tricky on a small screen when looking at the internet site. An app would make this information so much easier to use when out and about.
I cannot say what is available for the android phones, but if Shoot ever make a iphone app you can count me in!


  • Posted: Thu. 17th May 2012 16:34

Re: Re: Re: Re: Have you considered creating an app

Reply from Nicola

Thanks for the feedback Cat! We will consider it but to be honest there isn't huge demand yet. What we might consider is a mobile friendly version of the site which could be used across many devices. I am delighted you like and use the site! All the best Nicola

  • Posted: Thu. 17th May 2012 16:50

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Have you considered creating an app

Reply from joolz

There are quite a few gardening apps on android so there must be a demand. Sadly none are as as good as Shoot as you either have to type in all the plant info or they specialise in vegetables etc.

To help us while saving costs, have you considered approaching one of the existing apps to see if they could integrate your plant database into their app and use your expertise to improve it? With their Android programming knowledge and your gardening expertise you would be the best on the market right away.

I rely on my tab more and more now and use my PC for less and less. I can see the time when, on balance, the hassle of typing info into an android app when I buy a plant will be less hassle overall than maintaining Shoot via my PC and printing stuff off. The apps can generate reminders straight to my phone, easier than logging onto a PC and checking emails. In an app you can automatically tick completed tasks, leaving a list of stuff still to do, rather than printing and ticking off emails.

You may THINK there is no demand, but apps are the future and I think you are better to 'bite the bullet' now and get on the ladder so that you are ready for the upcoming generation of app happy gardeners. Don't get left behind, you are too good to let that happen.

Apps may seem cheap and not worth taking time over, but a lot of developers make enough from ads to enable them to make their apps free, so we get a free/cheap app and you get regular advertising income. Win-win.

Sales of PCs are down 14% while smart phone/tab sales are going through the roof. Apps will be a huge market.

Have I convinced you yet? :-D

Best wishes.


  • Posted: Thu. 25th April 2013 23:03

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Have you considered creating an app

Reply from Nicola

Hi Julie - thanks so much for the very thoughtful reply! We are actually gearing up for a member fundraising project to give members a bunch of things they are asking for:

- Better plant search (predictive search, search across all lists, by season etc)
- Better plant list management
- Better account management
- AND we will build a mobile web version of Shoot with Plant search, Plants I have, Plants I want, My Gardens and My Plant care.

We will be asking members to help us fund this by either a small donation or by buying discounted services and other perks from us.

We will do the mobile web version first as the release. Would a mobile web version be sufficient for the purposes you would use Shoot on a mobile?

More information coming soon! If you would like to preview and comment on our funding strategy - perks and pricing please write to me at shoot@shootgardening.co.uk and entitle the email 'Mobile funding'.

Many thanks again,

p.s. of all the apps you like out there which is your favourite?

  • Posted: Fri. 26th April 2013 06:59

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Have you considered creating an app

Reply from joolz


Glad to hear an app may be coming. A mobile web web will help some, but it's not as good as an app because you need to be connected to the internet to use it (which costs money, the amount depending on your tariff). With an app, your plant data can be kept on your tab and you can look up your info any time and check tasks without incurring charges. If you want to add a new plant then you'd need to connect to the internet to get info from Shoot, but only for a few moments.

I use mobile web pages on my phone/tab, but only when I have free/cheap wifi access to the internet or it's just a few seconds to look up a cinema site. I use wifi more at home, but I'd probably use my laptop if I needed to access Shoot instead of a mobile page. A gardener who travels a lot and has access to cheap wifi would probably use a mobile web page more than me. I may use it when I stay in a hotel, just to stress over all the garden jobs that are piling up while I'm away :-(

Customers can help you test an app. MediaMonkey has recently released a new Android app and some customers have downloaded it and are helping to debug it before the formal release. That would cut costs, also you could ask customers to buy the app in advance to get the work up and running. A lot of apps are totally funded by advertising income. As long as the ads aren't too intrusive that doesn't stop me using them.

Hopefully your app could have an integrated reminder system. Several apps out there already remind you when to water each plant, I don't really need 100 reminders to water, but other reminders like those you email out would be great, and I'd like a prompt about which clematis needs to be trimmed back in the spring and which in the autumn etc. You can have a button to connect to the internet to download a list of tasks instead of getting the regular reminder email.

I'll email you about my fave app as I see I'm running out of space :-) Babbling on too much.

best wishes


  • Posted: Sun. 28th April 2013 23:59

Re: Have you considered creating an app

Reply from Helen

I know this is quite old, but I couldn't find an app yet, so assume this is still open...?
If it is, I just wanted to mention that I find the RHS growyourown app pretty good for plant management and reminders.
Great site btw :)

PS - probably something you've looked into, but have you thought about partnering with any of the big plant databases out there, like RHS or similar?

  • Posted: Sun. 25th May 2014 11:36