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Where to plant my Juniper trees

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The note that came with my juniper trees was A small tree from 2-3m high which makes an excellent evergreen hardy hedge with blue berries for flavouring gin or in pickles, chutney and marinades. It is supposed to be a Juniperus Communis according to the note, but your shoot says that it can grow to 10m tall!!! Do I have the same tree? I was actually hoping to plant it in a bedding in front of a house and keep it small through pruning - but am not sure if that is the best way to go? Any advice? How would I know if I have male or female trees and is it a problem if they are both the same and/or not planted together?

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  • Posted: Fri. 15th April 2011 19:18

Re: Where to plant my Juniper trees

Reply from Kathy C

Hi, Deone,
I think it is safe to assume you have a cultivar of Juniperus communis that will remain 2-3m high. Was there anything else in the name, perhaps in single quotes? In most cases with Juniperus, male and female cones are borne on separate plants but it doesn't really matter since the cones are not much of a feature.
Kathy C

  • Posted: Mon. 18th April 2011 19:17

Re: Re: Where to plant my Juniper trees

Reply from Deone Loots

Thanks, much of this is very new to me :-). I didn't see anything else in the name, but will assume that I've got a smaller cultivar.

  • Posted: Tue. 19th April 2011 07:52