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Pride of Madeira

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General post from Eduardo Rolim de Pontes Vieira


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I am very excited with the development of that plant. It's not a very common plant in Brazil, but i am sure it will addapt formidably here since i live in a higher, dry and not very hot place. I bought the seeds and planted it in a plastic bag. The plant is about 2 months old and it grows strong and quickly. I am looking forward to planting it on the ground. The only thing is that i feel it gets weak if it gets too much sunlight. That is why i still keep it on the half shadow. When shoud i plant it on the ground?

Pride of Madeira (27/04/2011)Pride of Madeira (27/04/2011)

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  • Posted: Wed. 27th April 2011 01:50

Re: Pride of Madeira

Reply from Kathy C

Hi, Eduardo,
It will be quite happy where you live. I live in Southern California and have an Echium in my garden on a hot, dry, sunny slope. It was planted last September and has quadrupled in size! I would say let yours get a litte bigger (maybe twice the height it is now) as long as it doesn't get pot bound, and then plant out. Water it regularly for the first month to get it established. Mine gets watered twice a week.
Kathy C

  • Posted: Wed. 27th April 2011 21:42

Re: Re: Pride of Madeira

Reply from Eduardo Rolim de Pontes Vieira

Really nice to hear that, Kathy! It was my first post at shoot and i am quite amazed with the quick reply. I appreciate your taking time to share your experience with me. I'll do as you said and will wait till it doubles it size to plant it out. Take care!

  • Posted: Thu. 28th April 2011 01:20