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Members' garden interests.

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Comment from Donald Hart


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The list of garden/ing interests is rather strange. Why no headings such as: climbers, perennials, shrubs, growing on clay/chalk, slopes/boggy ground etc and species of plants that draw enthusiasts, such as roses, grasses, rhododendrons and many others? I may be alone but I found it difficult to find boxes to tick, but have many gardening interests. The plant genus list is wonderfully helpful and will be even more so if members' plants not yet there are regularly added.
One further thing for we technophobes! PLEASE could you simply/amplify the instructions for planning garden layout. Utterly defeated by this section.

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  • Posted: Thu. 26th May 2011 12:57

Re: Members' garden interests.

Reply from Nicola

Hi Donald, we can look at extending the interest categroy. We'll consider that certainly. What will be even more important then will be the members' messaging you also asked for in another forum thread which will allow you to write to other members of the same interest group.

I am glad you find the plant genus A-Z so useful:)

And I am sorry to hear you find the garden planning tool hard to use. Have you added plants to your list yet? That is helpful as they are then made available in the tool when you launch it. Have you set your garden dimensions yet? That would be the second thing to do. Please let me know where you are stuck and I'll try to help and to improve the instructions.

All the best,

  • Posted: Thu. 26th May 2011 18:04

Re: Members' garden interests.

Reply from Barry Tabor

I have sympathy for this suggestion. Surely the backbones of most non-specialist, and even a lot of specialist gardens is threefold - Shrubs (including roses), trees, and hardy perrennial plants (including grasses) ? It would not be remarkable if most of the members of any gardening forum would want to use such topics. Maybe that is the problem - such topics would be so wide and open that most of us would not know where to start and might hesitate about leaping into a pond of unknown depth and width ..... I am always interested to hear from other gardeners with similar interests, and would answer any comments and queries about perrenials and shrubs (trees are not in my garden in large numbers. I also enjoy playing with propagation by seed and cutting, and maybe I should search out threads on thesd topics ....

Any friendly comments and approaches would be met with similarly friendly responses.

  • Posted: Tue. 28th June 2011 12:52