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planting time for lucifer

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Question from Brian mc


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I bought and planted these in the ground in 'october, will i stil get aresult or do you think that was too early to plant them

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  • Posted: Mon. 23rd February 2009 13:00

Any signs?

Reply from Laura Thomas

Hi Brian

Spring is the ideal time to plant these so wondered if there is or has been any sign of growth on these?

My crocosmia (not Lucifer) are starting to emerge from the ground but I do have a sheltered garden in the south-east so they were not too retarded by the recent cold spell. Are you north of the border?


  • Posted: Mon. 23rd February 2009 16:01

They have started to come up

Reply from Brian mc

Yes laura I am from north of the border and they started to emerge through the soil in mid february. I have to say that not all of them have been a success though.


  • Posted: Sun. 22nd March 2009 21:57


Reply from Laura Thomas

Glad to hear you have had some success. I think Crocosmias take a year or so to establish so next year should be even better :)

  • Posted: Mon. 23rd March 2009 14:00