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gold rush tree

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Question from suzanne wallace


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can anyone help
i have had this tree for three years in a large container it was perfect looking beautiful up to a week ago and now over night is looking very sad and dropping it leaves
please help i dont want to lose it

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  • Posted: Sat. 11th June 2011 19:46

Re: gold rush tree

Reply from Kathy C

Hi, Suzanne,
Most trees, with extra care, can happily live in a container for years. To stay happy, they need regular feeding and, every 4 years (sometimes less) a root prune so their roots don't girdle in the pot. Having said that, however, your Metasequoia glyptostroboides 'Gold Rush' is such a fast-growing tree, and one that will get huge, that it isn't suitable for a container. I suspect its roots are filling the pot and it has used all available nutrients the compost had to offer.
Kathy C

  • Posted: Mon. 13th June 2011 19:22

Re: Re: gold rush tree

Reply from suzanne wallace

thanks for the advice kathy i will get hubby to plant it in the ground away from the house, i can see new buds coming on the branches so hopfully i will save it.

  • Posted: Thu. 30th June 2011 21:15

Re: Re: Re: gold rush tree

Reply from Rick Dewhirst

I think this website may have made a mistake as the Gold Rush form of the Dawn Redwood is a golden version and won't grow much more than 5 metres with a spread of about 3 metres. Also is slow growing.

  • Posted: Mon. 3rd March 2014 09:12