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Bay sucker

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Question from kate


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Hi, I have 4 bay trees and I think they have bay sucker .... I have cut off the offending leaves but they keep coming back .. and they have now moved to my peppers and affected my mint and lemon balm. Is there anyway you can get rid of them without having to resort to destroying them ? I really want to save them ... Thank you for you help in advance !

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  • Posted: Sat. 25th June 2011 18:19

Re: Bay sucker

Reply from Kathy C

Hi, Kate,
Would you say the infestation is severe? If so, it is best to remove and destroy the plants. If not, continue to remove infected leaves and then remove badly infected branches in winter. This will get rid of ovewintering adults and will encourage new growth in spring. If you think insecticide is needed, it can only be used once a year - best to use in late spring when damage is first detected. Using it now will deter some of the pests that might still be in nymph phase, but it will be too late to really control this season.
Kathy C

  • Posted: Mon. 27th June 2011 20:14

Re: Re: Bay sucker

Reply from kate

Thank you Cathy ! I have taken off all the affected leaves and sprayed them .... only time will tell - if they reappear I think they may have to go - which will be gutting to be honest ... Thank you again !

  • Posted: Thu. 30th June 2011 14:35