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Will this grow in my garden

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Question from Cole


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I would like to grow this plant over an arch at the bottom of my garden, but the area is fairly shady,although it does get some sun at this time of the year and it is quite sheltered. I am wondering if it will grow in this area. I live in the west country.

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  • Posted: Wed. 6th July 2011 07:34

Re: Will this grow in my garden

Reply from Nicola

Hi Cole, welcome to Shoot!

If you go the page we have for Solanum Album you'll see the WHERE TO GROW tab tells you what this plant likes in terms of position - sun or part shade. If you fill in your garden profile with sun, pH etc. we also give you a visual check for each plant too on the same tab.

If you want to find more shade loving climbers use our advanced plant select.

Here are the results for 'Full Shade & Climbers'

Hope this helps:)

  • Posted: Wed. 6th July 2011 11:21