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Pruning Guelder Rose (viburnum opolus)

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Question from Jurgen


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I planted several Guelder rose plants as bareroot earlier this year. They have all taken on, but only a small numer of them flowered and are now carrying berries.

I have read elsewhere that Guelder Rose should be pruned after flowering, pruning the stems that did not have flowers.

Is it too late in the season now to do any pruning? Is it safe to prune during the first season?

Any advice would be welcome.
thanks - jurgen

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  • Posted: Mon. 25th July 2011 11:09

Re: Pruning Guelder Rose (viburnum opolus)

Reply from Nicola

Hi Jurgen - here is Guelder rose (Viburnum opulus) in Shoot. If you add this plant to your lists there is some pruning advice given. I hope this helps:)

  • Posted: Mon. 25th July 2011 12:02