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Question from Bill Whitworth


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Hello guys and gals.
I purchased 2 sunkist arborvite last year. The tops were a most beauitfull yellow, while the bottoms were a beautifull green. I purchased two. I planted them in pedistal pots(very large size). I metered the soil with my h20 meter. When it finally became winter I gave them muracid.
( amount was 1/2 gallon .each. The pots are very large. The part that was bright yellow , by the end of winter was a copper color. I live in NE Indiana. The yellow is completely gone. WHY and what can I do?

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  • Posted: Thu. 28th July 2011 01:20


Reply from Kathy C

Hi, Bill,
Have they put on any growth?
Two things may be going on:
1) Though many will list Thuja as ericaceous (acid-loving), it will do just fine in neutral, and even slightly alkaline soil. Perhaps the muracid was a bit too much and definitely not to be applied in winter. Best to feed anything is spring or during the growing season.
2) Where were the pots located? Thuja need shelter and protection from drying winds. And, if the pots froze, the plant may have been damaged.
Any chance you could post a photo?
Kathy C

  • Posted: Thu. 28th July 2011 21:13