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Comment from sandra lord


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i wanted help to find a tree it has to be able to grow in a tub be evergreen only grow about 6 foot not to bushy i would like it to have flo wers any ideas !! it is to block a unsightly veiw i dont know what aspect is but we have full sun from dinnertime right through the rest of the day ifs thats any help

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  • Posted: Thu. 4th August 2011 07:27

Re: what tree to buy

Reply from Franne

Evergreen, in a tub and 6ft, that probably asks for a shrub instead of a tree.
maybe heavenly bamboo (Nandina) or a real bamboo like fargesia Jumbo, Phyllostachys.
or otherwise a conifer? Just make sure the tub is as large as possible, no plant is happy in a tub forever. Goodluck!

  • Posted: Thu. 4th August 2011 07:38

Re: Re: what tree to buy

Reply from sandra lord

thank you for your sugestion i have now bought a heavenly bamboo its only about 3 foot hopefuly it will grow an fill that space and i hope the birds will eat the berries in winter

  • Posted: Mon. 8th August 2011 08:34

Re: what tree to buy

Reply from Angie Robertson

Hi Sandra
A shrub would be more suited to your needs. There are many shrubs on th market. You say you would like flowers - you would also have to decide which time of the year you would like to see blooms.
Try using the advance search on this website - fill out your required fields eg size, foliage, flower colour etc. You will then get a better idea of what might like - then you could ask if it would be appropiate in a pot.
Hope this helps, cheers Angie

  • Posted: Thu. 4th August 2011 17:44