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my mock orange

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Question from paula hewitt


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I bought a mock orange last year and it flowered beautifully. .however this yeat just three blooms near the base. Can anyone tell me if this is normal? Should i have cut it back last winter?

It doesnt appear to have any disease or pests so im crossing my fingers.

Many thanks


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  • Posted: Sun. 7th August 2011 00:09

Re: my mock orange

Reply from Angie Robertson

Paula, did you prune at anytime? Philadelphus should only be pruned immediately after flowering. Flowers are made on the woody stems of the previous years growth, therefore pruning at any other time will not give enough time for the new shoots to harden up.
I suspect that the shoot on which the 3 blooms occured were on a shoot that you didn't cut back.

  • Posted: Sun. 7th August 2011 17:22