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Question from Loraine Stewart


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I bought one of these from a garden centre - it is well established. We put it into a larger size container using John Innes no 3 as per instructions from garden centre. The leaves are shrivelling - maybe we did not water enough. Will it recover?

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  • Posted: Sun. 7th August 2011 16:33

Re: Advice please

Reply from Angie Robertson

Is there anyway you could provide a picture of the plant and it's container. There a few reasons as to why your plant is showing distress, one will be the move from the GC to your garden but help us identify other factors could you perhaps answer these questions.
How often are you watering and how much? In what conditions do you have the plant positioned?
Thanks, Angie

  • Posted: Sun. 7th August 2011 16:46

Re: Re: Advice please

Reply from Loraine Stewart

Will take photo tomorrow. Watering every other day but may have missed some as we had builders in the garden! Plant is NW position and relatively sheltered. It was expensive - so hope you can help. As I say - will sort picture tomorrow. Thank you

  • Posted: Sun. 7th August 2011 18:09