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Problem with Montana Clematis

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Comment from Caroline Fallon


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Help please! We planted a Montana Clematis about 2 months ago. It was a hleathy plant about 1 metre tall bought from a very reputable garden centre. We have watered regulatly and once a week use Miracle gro or a weak tomarite solution to feed it. It started out well and grew about another 1 metre which we have trailed across a fence. It is in full sun. In the last 2 weeks it has started to look very sorry for itslef and looks withered - the leaves have drooped and look withered although the leave are not dry and do not crinkle or crumble away when touched. What is teh problem? CAn we solve this? Thanks

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  • Posted: Wed. 10th August 2011 11:11

Re: Problem with Montana Clematis

Reply from Angie Robertson

Hello Caroline
There could be a couple of reasons why your clematis is looking rather sorry for itself. Can you provide a picture for us.

I didn't think that Group 1 clematis were as suseptible to Clematis Wilt as the other groups, but I would stand to be corrected on this. Did you plant as per instruction? This would have been to plant 3-5 inches deeper than it was the pot was?

Clematis are very very thirsty plants and require plenty water. This does not mean a little amount everyday - but a good soaking weekly at the roots. They do not like their foliage getting wet either.
A good way to get water direct to the roots is too use a large fizzy juice bottle with the bottom cut off to create a kind of funnel. Push the top end into the soil and fill - let the water soak into the soil. I generally use 2 at a time and fill these a couple of tiimes each. Alternatively you could position your hose at the base and leave it on a slow flow for an hour or two.
You say the plant is in full sun....do you have the roots shaded? They do not like the soil around their roots getting too hot. You can provide shade at the roots with either a plant, some crocks or a slate. If you google image clematis root shading you will get plent of ideas.
Hope this helps.

  • Posted: Wed. 10th August 2011 16:00

Re: Re: Problem with Montana Clematis

Reply from Caroline Fallon

Thanks Angie. I am goignt o follow your advice and see if we can erscue our plant!

  • Posted: Fri. 12th August 2011 16:00