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Comment from Judy Halliday


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My young broccoli plants are being chewed to death by green caterpillars. I try picking them off twice a day but more appear by the hour. I am wondering whether it is worth growing these vegetables in the future. I dont want to spray them with chemicals. Is there a 'green alternative? Washing up water? Judy

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  • Posted: Sun. 21st August 2011 15:41


Reply from Kathy C

Hi, Judy,
In addition to picking them off, perhaps encouraging birds into the garden will help control the population. If you want an organic way to control, you could look into Bacillus thuringiensis - a bacteria that once ingested by the caterpillar, kills it within 3-5 day. The bacteria acts as a stomach poison and the good thing is it is safe for beneficial insects, bees, and mammals. It can be purchased in tablet form which gets dissolved in water that is then sprayed on the foliage.
Kathy C

  • Posted: Tue. 23rd August 2011 20:35


Reply from Judy Halliday

Hi Cathy
thank you for getting back to me. I have written down the product you recommended and will get some next year. I think the caterpillars have eaten their fill and have morphed into butterflies leaving me with bare stalks! Nice to know they enjoyed them . Judy

  • Posted: Fri. 9th September 2011 17:20