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Question from Anne Kibble


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How do I take cutting from a Persicaria

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  • Posted: Wed. 31st August 2011 18:12

Re: Cuttings

Reply from Angie Robertson

Hi Anne
The recommended propogation method for your plant is by division, as listed here on Shoot.
Speaking from experience it is much easier to divide a plant like this than it is to take cuttings.
There are instructions here on Shoot on how to do this.
Hope this helps but should you have more questions just ask :)

  • Posted: Thu. 1st September 2011 16:50

Re: Re: Cuttings

Reply from Anne Kibble

Thank you Angie. I will now try to find how to do this on the site.

  • Posted: Sun. 18th September 2011 09:24