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Care of Lavandula dentata

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Question from Mike Trewern


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I began with a healthy plant but, following a short holiday, the plant is showing signs of stress. The top inch of the stems are bent over and 'floppy'. Can anyone tell me what to do, please? The plant was transplanted into a larger pot using well drained soil.

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  • Posted: Sun. 4th September 2011 08:47

Re: Care of Lavandula dentata

Reply from Angie Robertson

It is difficult to tell from your description what may be wrong with your plant - are you able to post a picture.
Generally speaking floppy stems can be a sign of drought but beware - over watering symptoms are similar.

  • Posted: Mon. 5th September 2011 19:27

Re: Re: Care of Lavandula dentata

Reply from Mike Trewern

Dear Angie, I am unable to post a picture of the plant but I would agree that overwatering is the most likely cause of the problem.I think that the soil in which it was originally planted is very retentive of water even when the soil which I used for transplanting is well drained. Assuming that the cause of the problem is overwatering on my part, is there any way in which the plant might be rescued? Mike

  • Posted: Mon. 5th September 2011 20:17

Re: Re: Re: Care of Lavandula dentata

Reply from Angie Robertson

Hi Mike
I'm not a professional and only speak through experience.
I had a buddleja planted in a similar condition a few weeks ago. I thought I had dealt with the poorly drained soil problem in the area which I was planting it. However, 3 days and nights of continuing rain, proved me wrong.
I did lift it and move it to an alternative position - it did pick up and is now putting new growth on and seems much better.
If this were my plant I would move it. If you weigh up the odds that you are likely to lose it due to the drainage - then it would be worth giving it a go. If you are still keeping it in a pot - try mixing some grit with the compost.
Best of luck with whatever you choose.
Please let us know how you get on.
Cheers, Angie

  • Posted: Tue. 6th September 2011 18:18