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Cape primrose - streptocarpus

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Question from stephanie worcester


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I've just been convinced to buy ten streptocarpus, The guy insisted they could be planted outside in the garden - can they? If I wait until April will they survive outside until the autumn when I could bring them back in?

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  • Posted: Wed. 4th March 2009 17:13

Cape primrose - streptocarpus

Reply from Marissa Zoppellini

Hi Stephanie, I have these as house plants and love their flowers. You can put them outside for the summer months but they are not frost hardy and will die if they get cold. We could still get frosts in April, so I would want to be certain there was no risk before putting them out - not exactly sure how you would find this out for your area if you don't know - you could ask local fellow gardeners - except leave it until say June. Where are you keeping the plants under cover? Marissa

  • Posted: Thu. 5th March 2009 09:51

cape primrose - where are they?

Reply from stephanie worcester

I spent the best part of the day finding homes for the plants, which entailed a trip to B&Q to buy plant pot holders as I didn't have that many to hand! I have them in the bathroom, in the lounge, in the kitchen, in the hall - in fact I think the conservatory is the only place free from them as it still gets very cold there at night.
Thanks for your help - I'll wait until May/June and hopefully they'll still be in flower.

  • Posted: Thu. 5th March 2009 21:44


Reply from eric jolley

Marissa is quite right they do not like frost infact the min temperature they should be subject to is 10c 50f, depending were you live it could be june before the last frosts

  • Posted: Thu. 5th March 2009 17:01