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Stellata Planted May 2011

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Question from Peter Taylor


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I planted my Stellata and it had wonderfull flowerr's, however, i noticed in August slight browning of the leaves (at the tips). Now in mid September the browning is increasing. Is this just the normal effects of a Deciduous plant? I have checked for slugs and other problems, but I have found none. I don't know the Ph value but it's planted in a clay but well drained soil.

Stellata Planted May 2011 (18/09/2011)

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  • Posted: Sun. 18th September 2011 10:05

Re: Stellata Planted May 2011

Reply from Patricia Jones

Magnolia Stellata is deciduous. At this time of year the leaves will turn brown and start to fall. Look for new swollen shoots that are left on the tree, these are the flower buds that will open next spring. Ensure you water the plant through the spring and summer during its second year, as well as the first.

  • Posted: Mon. 19th September 2011 14:29