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Gardening ideas:
For planning, it is possible to keep the flowers in your garden throughout the duration of growth. Borders and beds are planted with annual and perennial flowers that bloom at different times of year. By choosing carefully at first, and the care of the flowers since then, the flowers overlap each other, so there's never a time when the old blooms disappear, but new one is beginning to show color.

Preparing the soil for flower beds or borders requires greater care than planting a garden. For one thing, digging must be deeper. There is too much to dig the bed 2 feet deep, although 1 1 / 2 feet is adequate. It is, of course, possible to grow flowers in a shallower bed than this, but the deeper you dig, the better your production will be.

All heavy loads should be divided. It's a good idea to spread some sand, ash or bottom ash on the ground to break. It is also possible that work manure, well rotted manure, grass clippings or peat moss in the background. Do not sign the bottom floor down, but let it settle naturally.

Marga it must be used for topsoil, for example, well-rotted manure, humus, peat, compost or well-screened gravel. Wood ashes are fine for spring, and lime can be used to loosen the soil. You might think about the character of its soil and consider the special fertilizer that contains the elements your soil needs. Should the use of manure, be careful not to let it touch the roots of plants.

Should the use of manure, be careful not to let it touch the roots of plants. The color issues should be taken into account when planning flower borders and beds, so that while there is enough contrast in texture and color of flowers, is at the same time, an attractive combination.

A plan for a bed of annuals, for example, could be designed to stress zinnias, with contrast provided by flowers as soft as chrysanthemum, scabiosa, nasturtium, cosmos and candytuft. Location of the flower bed is important. Ideally, it should be near the house, facin

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  • Posted: Thu. 22nd September 2011 12:03

Re: landscaping ideas

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Wow! This is very helpful. I'm really grateful to this post.

  • Posted: Mon. 28th November 2011 09:59