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My poorly Wisteria.

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Question from Jill Crawley


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My 2 year old wisteria's leaves have gone yellow & are dropping off, some stems look dead. I've fed & watered it over the 2 year's I've had it. A large fern grows at its foot & something has stripped that nearly bare. I can't see any insects .Any ideas as to what can be causing the problem?

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  • Posted: Sat. 1st October 2011 18:24

Re: My poorly Wisteria.

Reply from Kathy C

Hi, Jill,
Hmmm..has it had regular pruning? Since it is deciduous, are the leaves dropping earlier this year than last year? How much water does it get?
Kathy C

  • Posted: Mon. 3rd October 2011 19:51

Re: Re: My poorly Wisteria.

Reply from Jill Crawley

I'm hoping the leaves are dropping because of the hot weather we had a few weeks back. I did water it well.
I've been tying it in as it only has 3 stems as a framework, with few tendrils.
I've put well rotted horse manure round it ~ keeping the compost away from the main stem.
I did buy it at Wisley, so it should survive! Hopefully, it will sprout new buds in the spring!

  • Posted: Tue. 4th October 2011 14:09