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Getting rid of woolly aphids

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Question from Wendy Green


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My bougainvillea in my conservatory appears to be infested with wooLly aphids(I took a sample of white sticky masses to a local nursery who confirmed the diagnosis ( I haven't seen any actual insects) the infestation has spread to a number of Streptocarpus too. As I soon need to bring more plants from the garden in for winter protection I am anxious to eradicate it, Earlier I sprayed with Provado with little effect Last week I took most of the plants outside and cleaned off the white stuff as far as possible and sprayed again before bringing back in Any practical advice on what more if anything I can do would be most welcome I am on Essex UK coast and affected plants are all on north facing side of conservatory which is ventilated all summer with open door
Many thanks

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  • Posted: Thu. 6th October 2011 15:58

Re: Getting rid of woolly aphids

Reply from Kathy C

Hi, Wendy,
At this point, if you have a cool conservatory, the aphids might be preparing for winter. The adults have probably already laid eggs in crevices on the plants and will hatch in spring. You'll want to spray in spring when you first notice the varmints on your plants. For now, if you do see any live ones, you can try a few things - you can dab them with isopropyl alchohol (surgical spirit). I did this extensively with endangered plants I used to work with. You can also look into releasing ladybirds, ladybird larvae, or lacewing larvae into your conservatory. Perfect since it is a closed environment - they won't fly away and will seek out any food available - those woolly aphids!
Kathy C

  • Posted: Thu. 6th October 2011 22:43

Re: Re: Getting rid of woolly aphids

Reply from Wendy Green

Thanks Kathy C Thats useful info- hopefully my 'clean up' will have helped for now - I'll keep a watcful eye out in the spring too. Because the door has been open all summer anyway some of these beneficial insects visit anyway - certainly it has been a good year for ladybirds here! I will obtain a supply of isopropyl alchohol (surgical spirit) as well but at present actually introducing larvae is expensive and from friends' experience not terribly successful thanks again. By the way is the spirit safe to use on citrus for removing scale insects do you think?

  • Posted: Fri. 7th October 2011 09:22