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Black spot on roses

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Question from Gordon


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What do our members recommend to treat
black spot on roses.

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  • Posted: Fri. 6th March 2009 14:49

Milk for spots!

Reply from Laura Thomas

Hi Gordon

I tend not to use anything as I aim to be 'organic' so no insecticides or fungicides hence my roses do succumb most years to black spot in varying degrees. I destroy the infected leaves but inevitably some end up back in the soil to re-infect the following year

I try to keep the roses as strong and healthy as possible with good soil and early feeding
- have just googled the organic solution which I will try this year:
spray the affected rose with skimmed milk (one cup to one gallon of water) at weekly to 10-day intervals. A regular dose of bicarbonate of soda is said to work too.

Here is the rest of an informative Sarah Raven
article on roses

best wishes

  • Posted: Fri. 6th March 2009 19:20

Black Spot

Reply from Gordon

Hi Laura
Thanks for your tips.I had some success with Bi-Carb last year ,but i did not know about Skimmed milk.
I do remove all dead leaves at summer end but I must have missed an odd one.Thats an interesting web site you give me.

  • Posted: Fri. 6th March 2009 20:32