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Privet choice for hedging

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Question from Jim Doar


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I'm looking for something to create a high dense evergreen hedge for privacy.
Priorities are density to block lights, a true evergreen that will stay thick in cold winters, and good height (3m minimum).
I'm thinking privet for easy care dense growth and vigour. Would I be better off with Wild Privet or Japanese Privot?
Jim Doar

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  • Posted: Sat. 15th October 2011 07:28

Re: Privet choice for hedging

Reply from Ruskins Trees


Privet are good choices, there are others. Japanese Privet is good, but I personally think they are a bit plain (although also a lower cost choice). You could use them as a backdrop to more ornamental specimens.

Your options are for a aerial hedge with a 2 metre trunk, for a hedge from ground level, those also marked with *:

Holly (two varieties similar to our native, (Sweet) Chestnut Leaved Holly and Nellie Stevens)

Photinia fraserii Red Robin*

Bay Laurel*

Portuguese Laurel*

Common/Cherry Laurel *

Japanese Privet

Ligustrum japonicum Excelsum Superbum (variegated Privet)

Leylandii (as with the other options as a standard (a 2 metre trunk, then canopy).*

Beech (not evergreen, but when hedged will retain the majority of leaves).*

Magnolia grandiflora (needs to be clipped to be dense).*

Yew *

You are welcome to contact us to discuss selection.


  • Posted: Sat. 15th October 2011 09:09

Re: Privet choice for hedging

Reply from Harry Hitchcock

Hi Jim,

Both types of privet are very good hedging plants, but I think you'll struggle to find any at 3m tall...

As Robert said you could try a few other options such as;

Cherry Laurel,

Photinia Red Robin,


Evergreen Oak

English Yew

Thuja occ Brabant.

We sell all of these as instant hedging plants at around 3 metres high.

Feel free to contact me if you would like any further info.


Re: Privet choice for hedging (15/10/2011)Re: Privet choice for hedging (15/10/2011)Re: Privet choice for hedging (15/10/2011)

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  • Posted: Sat. 15th October 2011 10:04