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Re: Defoliated Golden king


Hello Tom, I deeply sympathise! I'm afraid I never really discovered exactly what happened to mine, except that after I removed it, which was some months later (I'd left it in just in case anything came up from the root), I found the whole thing swimming in water!! I have clay soil about 18" down and it was planted next to a low boundary wall, so maybe the water couldn't escape and it drowned!!
Assuming it was well-rotted horse manure, I can't imagine that was the problem, so I'm sorry Tom, I'm not able to quell your fears, Except! We've just had a really cold spell and come into warmer temperatures and that, at the time was exactly when I noticed mine last year (March/April 2010) Good Luck.....Michael

  • Posted: Sun. 16th January 2011 20:03

Re: Best hedging please


Hello Jane,
Laurel may grow too big (in diameter at the base) and needs pruning with secateurs (not trimmers). Escallonia can get a bit leggy quite quickly, so would need constant tidying in its early years. Photinia is a good idea but will stay a bit "open" for a few years and have you considered Pyracantha, although you do have a bit of a "thorny" issue there which may or may not be a problem and you can mix the berry colour too!
Hope this gives you food for thought.............Michael

  • Posted: Mon. 23rd August 2010 10:53

Re: Re: Defoliated Golden king


Thanks for the thoughts Katy and, no, there's nothing particularly different about the position of this one against the other. I have kept it watered since, but I will take your advice and put some mulch around it. Many thanks for taking the time..........Michael.

  • Posted: Thu. 27th May 2010 13:41

Defoliated Golden king


Hello, we have a couple of these shrubs withing 10 feet of each other, all planted last year of about 5 years old and all were going great guns, even through this last Winter. One of them, some 4 weeks ago starting shedding, along with other evergreens generally so we didn't think much about it, but it didn't stop and is now completely devoid of leaves. I have checked for black spot but all "dead" leaves were ok? All the leaves were still green when it shed.! Any ideas? I am just leaving it there to see whether it gets over whatever shock it had. Many thanks.........Michael

  • Posted: Sun. 23rd May 2010 16:44
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