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Where am i

from Debbie Burt

Think Laura is right with her guess

  • Posted: Wed. 12th August 2009 17:52

Hi Mark

from Debbie Burt

I love crocosmia too, they look so exotic but are very easy to grow.I just had a quick look at your website, lovely to see so many different varieties, had no idea there were so many.
Shoot is a great site and Nicola is really nice and helpful, but the forums are a little slow, people seem to lurk rather than post!

  • Posted: Tue. 4th August 2009 12:43

Great News!!!!!

from Debbie Burt

We entered Bournemouth in bloom,just got a phone call to say we had won!! £100.00 in vouchers and we get to meet the mayor on 12th August for the prize giving.
Am so happy, its lovely when all your efforts get recognized. Yay!!!!!!

  • Posted: Tue. 28th July 2009 15:13
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from Debbie Burt

Thank you Joanne, we are very proud and very nervous. At the moment we are being introduced to other people around here, who open their gardens. Their gardens are lovely and its nice to see different designs, plants etc.

  • Posted: Fri. 10th July 2009 12:00

Re wonderful

from Debbie Burt

Yes Nicola that sounds fine, would like to meet up when you are next down this way,should be 3rd time lucky!

  • Posted: Fri. 10th July 2009 11:54


from Debbie Burt

What i meant to put was i will mention shoot as well! Never thought for a minute you were asking me to promote shoot!
Yes i will put dates up nearer to the time.

  • Posted: Thu. 9th July 2009 20:30


from Debbie Burt

Thank you Nicola,I will of course mention Shoot, would be lost without it. I cant remember some of the plants, when people ask what they are!

  • Posted: Thu. 9th July 2009 12:10

Been accepeted to open our garden for ngs

from Debbie Burt

Omg will be opening our garden next year, really excited and nervous at the same time!

  • Posted: Thu. 9th July 2009 11:03
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Rose 'Blue for You'

from Debbie Burt

This a lovely rose, really unusual colour and has a lovely musky fragrance.

  • Posted: Thu. 18th June 2009 08:00

Miniature fruit trees

from Debbie Burt

Hi panel, I am planning a raised bed and would like to put miniature fruit trees in apple, plum etc. My question is will i need to stake them?

  • Posted: Fri. 1st May 2009 09:04
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