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Brugmansia Arborea

from eric jolley

Brugmansia Arborea is probably the easiest of the brugmansias to grow,what it lacks in the flamboyance of its cousins it makes up for in its scent ,in my opinion it is one of the nicest scents of all the brugs.It is also along with the Sanguineas one of the hardiest it will even recover from a light frosting, if a temperature of 10c can be maintained in the conservatory or greenhouse it will continue to flower throughout the winter indeed I have kept them outside in temperature zone 8b with frost protection and they have survived the winter,The Arborea is one of the few brugs. that is self fertile it also has the largest seed covered by a corky coat, to germinate soak the seed at room temperature for 36-48hrs, carefully peel the corky coat or peel one side this prevents the cotyledons being stuck in the coat when germinating, plant in individual pots of multipurpose compost or vermiculite and compost and keep at 18-22c,germination can be weeks to 3or4months,seedlings grow rapidly and require potting on frequently, they should be fed and watered regularly although compared to the other brugs their demands are more modest, if planted early in the year it will probably flower in the same year.The Arborea despite originating from the Andes region of Equador, Chile, Peru does not relish full sun as with most brugs will tolerate partial shade,the white flowers are from 4.5-6.5 inches long but it is towards evening when they begin to emit their gorgeous scent which has vanilla overtones,normally they are pollinated by moths but are prone to self pollination, the seed pods are like small apples and when ripe contain hundreds of tightly packed seeds which dried off and stored can be used for the next generation of plants.

  • Posted: Mon. 2nd March 2009 00:01
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posting pictures

from eric jolley

Hi Nicola,
sorry I haven't got back to you before now been mad busy leading up to christmas, tried a picture looks good, hope to post some of my brugmansia pictures they are a passion of mine on several forums and hope to pass on some knowledge about them,all the best for the new year eric
this picture of a brugmansia sanguinea won me a place on the abads 2008 calendar over iin the usa

  • Posted: Sun. 6th January 2008 09:26


from eric jolley

Just testing with a picture of my hand tame robin.

  • Posted: Sun. 6th January 2008 09:16


from eric jolley

Is there a way we can add live links or pictures to the forum?

  • Posted: Thu. 13th September 2007 08:27
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Enter a title

from eric jolley

Mark try this link http://www.bbc.co.uk/gardening/advice/pests_and_diseases/nonflash_index.shtml?sawflies

  • Posted: Thu. 13th September 2007 08:24


from eric jolley

jean A lot of people prune the Smoke tree regularly to get a smaller bushier plant with larger leaves. Left to their own devices they will become quite a large shrub, or even a small tree, with a height and spread of up to 5 metres.you can prune them in spring and autumn but either way they won't produce that haze of smoky flowers for over a year. It's the little flower stems that create the smoky appearance.

  • Posted: Tue. 11th September 2007 22:56


from eric jolley

Marion I would definitely keep the osteo. under cover for its first winter , any other cuttings in your mini g/house introduce them outside slowly don't put them in full sun right away I would also put them back inside for their first winter they will not be robust enough to stand the elements in their first year.

  • Posted: Tue. 11th September 2007 22:50

rhododendron problem

from eric jolley

Tasha your rhododendron problem is possibly LEAF SPOT - Disfiguring, brown, round fungal blotches appear on leaves affected by leaf spot, and as they spread invade plant tissues and destroy the cells. If not controlled quickly, leaves will shrivel and plants may die. Spray with a systematic fungicide or Bordeaux mixture.

  • Posted: Tue. 11th September 2007 22:38


from eric jolley

Natasha I use something a bit cheaper my garden supports a large community of frogs they clear all the slugs,as for snails I crack their shells throw them in the pond and the koi devour them, another little tip spent coffee grounds sprinkled around a plant will deter slugs.

  • Posted: Tue. 11th September 2007 22:28

apple tree problem

from eric jolley

Al I read some where that apple trees require a chilling period over winter of at least 900hrs below 7degrees centigrade otherwise they will not blossom, possibly with the mild winters we have been having this was not achieved.

  • Posted: Tue. 11th September 2007 22:02