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Re: Any Ideas what this is

from Nicola

Hi Jenni, your image didn't upload. Please may you reduce the file size to less than 4MB and try again? You can reply to me or yourself to keep the image in the same thread. Thanks

  • Posted: Fri. 14th May 2021 16:59

Re: Re: What plant is this?

from Nicola

Thanks Simon:)
Hi Alan, here is Malus 'Royalty' (Crab apple 'Royalty').
Hope that helps?

  • Posted: Wed. 12th May 2021 07:06

Re: Re: Re: Identifying a Japanese Cherry

from Nicola

Hi John, another 2 votes for Prunus Tai-haku from our social media follower too.

"Pretty sure it’s Prunus ‘Tai Haku’, otherwise known as great white cherry."

Hope that helps?

  • Posted: Mon. 10th May 2021 10:05

Re: Please can somebody identify this plant?

from Nicola

Hi Ashley some helpful suggestions from our social media followers:

"Looks like Menyanthus trifoliata?"
"Its a primula, so a bog plant not a water plant. Obviously the water has risen and flooded them."
"At a guess Primula rosea"

Hope that helps?

  • Posted: Sun. 9th May 2021 15:10

Re: Identifying a Japanese Cherry

from Nicola

Hi John, a few things. Where do you live? We have members around the world. Knowing where you are located might help others to identify for you.

Also, your image didn't upload - most likely as the file was too large. Please reduce the image file to less than 4BM and try again? You can reply to me or yourself to keep in the same thread.

Thanks Nicola

  • Posted: Sat. 8th May 2021 12:58

Re: identify the plant

from Nicola

Hi Joseph, no image was uploaded. It may be the file size was too large. Please reduce to less than 4MB and try again? You can reply to me or yourself to keep in the same thread. Thanks:)

  • Posted: Tue. 27th April 2021 10:00

Re: Plant identification please

from Nicola

Hi James, one possible ID from a follower on our social media:

"Looks like a Rhododendron."

I hope that helps?

  • Posted: Tue. 27th April 2021 09:54

Re: Re: Re: Improve Use Of Groups

from Nicola

Hi David, the only option currently is still to use the multi-plant add process as described previously.

We are currently rebuilding the entire website. That is a massive project and this feature will be improved when the new website is released at some point over the coming 6 months. We cannot say exactly when it will be ready but we are working hard to get the new website built and launched as soon as we can.

Many thanks,

  • Posted: Mon. 26th April 2021 11:21

Re: Please could you help with identification of this flowering tree

from Nicola

Hi Nick, some helpful replies from our social media:

"It looks like a Willow Pear from the white blossom and lovely silver- very foliage. If so, it's a real gem, they're beautiful"
"My wife (garden designer) thinks it is Pyrus salicifolia pendula"
"Looks like a variety of pear tree, probably Almond Leaved Pear (Pyrus amygdaliformis)..."

Hope that helps?

p.s. Pyrus amygdaliformis is not yet in Shoot but you can request we add it for you here :)

  • Posted: Fri. 23rd April 2021 14:04

Re: Is this a fruit tree?

from Nicola

Hi Lynne, some suggestions from followers on social media with a few ideas for you:

"Looks like Pyrus communis or common pear tree to me....Once it starts producing fruit you will know."
"I think Pyrus too, but not certain as to which."

"Looks Chanticleer Pear to me, which doesn't produce fruit."
"I would agree with Pyrus Chanticleer"

We hope that helps?

  • Posted: Wed. 21st April 2021 19:42