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Re: Plant found growing in a pot of shards

from Nicola

Hi Sophie, one suggestion from our social media followers:

"Chionodoxa in bud perhaps?"

We hope that helps?

  • Posted: Sun. 11th April 2021 14:41

Re: Re: Weed or not?

from Nicola

Thanks Carol - we think you meant Eschscholzia?

Hi Myka, you can find Eschscholzia here listed in Shoot.

We hope that helps?

  • Posted: Mon. 5th April 2021 14:37

Re: Is this Amelanchier?

from Nicola

Hi Pamela, some helpful replies from social media:

"Yes it is indeed. Amelanchier lamarckii."
"I'd say that's a definite yes"
Another vote for the same "Amelanchier lamarkii"

We hope that helps?

  • Posted: Mon. 5th April 2021 14:33

Re: Trying to identify this plant.

from Nicola

Hi Emily, a reply from a helpful social media follower:

"Kalanchoe blossfeldiana looks like a good bet"

Another says "If you even know the name kalanchoe blossfeldiana it’s a safe bet you’re right."

Hope that helps?

  • Posted: Sun. 4th April 2021 10:14

Re: Can someone tell me what is this bush?

from Nicola

Hi Anna, your image didn't get uploaded to our forums. It may be the file size was too large. Please reduce to less than 4MB and try again? You can reply to me or yourself to keep in the same thread. Thanks!

  • Posted: Sat. 3rd April 2021 07:18

Re: jonquil dafodil ??

from Nicola

Hi Peter, a very helpful reply from a follower on our social media:

"This could be Narcissus 'Minnow' (Daffodil 'Minnow'), a dwarf Tazetta type (Group 8). I'm growing these too, and they're just opening now."

Hope that helps?

  • Posted: Fri. 2nd April 2021 13:32

Re: What is the name

from Nicola

Hi Pauline, some helpful replies from our followers on social media:

"Flowering currant, or ribes sanguinem."
"Ribes sanguineum or flowering currant."
"Definitely Ribes sanguineum, possibly 'Pulborough Scarlet'."
"Ribes, a decorative non-fruiting currant. There's a white version too"

Hope that helps?

p.s. all our ribes sanguinem

p.s.s."Tends to grow outside old derelict houses; I took a cutting from one and it's now a big plant that lets you know when spring is here (pic attached)"

  • Posted: Tue. 30th March 2021 13:12

Re: Bush in front garden

from Nicola

Hi Lisa, are the foliage and flower heads aromatic? If you rub them between your fingers do they have a scent?

It looks dead .. or almost dead form of 'Lavender'.

Hope that helps?

  • Posted: Tue. 30th March 2021 13:10

Re: My ‘immortelle’ sold as Xeranthymum does not look like daisies - leaves more like euphorbia and more like purple stock

from Nicola

Hi Bridget a few followers on social media all agree:

Erysimum ‘Bowles Mauve’

"It’s the ultimate ‘live fast die young’ plant. Flower’s it’s socks off for 5 years tops then keels over."

"Roots so easily, thankfully, if you can only find a non-flowering piece in the summer."

"Perennial wallflower, probably Bowles Mauve."

Also a photo attached. Hope this helps?

  • Posted: Mon. 29th March 2021 15:17

Re: Re: Re: Looking for help

from Nicola

Hi Elizabeth, that is hilarious! One of the funniest things I have read in a while. Nicola

  • Posted: Sat. 27th March 2021 08:09