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Re: Re: plant identify

from Nicola

Thanks Pauline!
Hi Arturo, here is Alocasia listed in Shoot.
We hope that helps?

  • Posted: Fri. 26th March 2021 08:43

Re: Winter loss

from Nicola

Hi Glyn, these image are showing as two black boxes... please may you try again? Perhaps reduce the file size to under 4MB and reply to me or yourself to keep in the same thread. Thanks!

  • Posted: Fri. 26th March 2021 08:40

Re: Re: Re: Moodboard

from Nicola

Ah great OK - you can see a range of help videos here for you too.

  • Posted: Thu. 25th March 2021 17:48

Re: Moodboard

from Nicola

Hi Sophie, sure thing - yes.

Are you a garden designer? You can learn more on our upcoming free webinars or email us at shoot@shootgardening.co.uk for a demo.

We would be delighted to show you that feature. You can add any list of plants in one click and create beautiful moodboards.

All the best, Nicola

  • Posted: Thu. 25th March 2021 14:18

Re: Red berries and white flowers simultaneously - what is it?

from Nicola

Hi Bryan, a few similar replies from some helpful followers on our social media:

"Skimmia japonica"

We hope that helps?

All the best, Nicola

  • Posted: Tue. 23rd March 2021 14:34

Re: What weird berries are these?

from Nicola

Hi Sam, no image was uploaded. It may be too large a file size. Please reduce to 4MB or less and try again? You can reply to me or yourself to keep in the same thread. Thanks Nicola

  • Posted: Mon. 22nd March 2021 16:11

Re: Small wild plant identification

from Nicola

Hi Martin some helpful suggestions from followers on our social media:

"It looks like Lords & Ladies or Arum lily"
"Arum maculatum..lords and ladies."
"Arum lily"
"Arum maculatum or similar. Commonly known as Lords and Ladies or cuckoo pint."

Here is Arum maculatum (Lords and ladies) in Shoot so you can add it your list.

We hope this helps?

  • Posted: Thu. 18th March 2021 12:26

Re: what is this bush?

from Nicola

Hi Steve, it might be tricky to identify this plant from one leaf. Any more images of the whole plant/ shrub? Any description - e.g. height, flowers etc? Thanks

  • Posted: Tue. 16th March 2021 17:11

Re: Any idea what this is?

from Nicola

Hi Julie, some useful replies from followers on our social media:

"The discolouration looks like herbicide damage, rather than the natural colour of the leaf. The rosette of foliage makes me think rosebay willow herb but it could also be seedlings of an arable crop just sprayed off."

We have a rosebay willowherb here.

"I would say willow weed"

Hope that helps?

  • Posted: Mon. 15th March 2021 10:05

Re: Please can you supply this delightful plant..

from Nicola

Hi Carol, so sorry - we don't sell plants nor do we have stockists. We do have this very useful list of plant stockists still delivering during the pandemic lockdown here. We hope that is useful?

  • Posted: Sat. 13th March 2021 08:56