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Re: Loss of colour

from Seasons Gardening

It could be that it is too shady for them, it needs some sunlight to keep its colouration

  • Posted: Sat. 17th December 2016 10:17

Re: Mystery Climber D

from Seasons Gardening

It could also be Aristolochia macrophylla, Dutchman's pipe, looking at the heart shaped leaves and your description of it being rampant.

  • Posted: Sat. 17th December 2016 10:13

Re: Mystery Climber B

from Seasons Gardening

looking at the leaves I am thinking it could be
Exochorda × macrantha 'The Bride' or pearlbush?
Look out for white fragrant flowers in late spring

  • Posted: Sat. 17th December 2016 10:04

Re: Olearia

from Seasons Gardening


  • Posted: Sat. 17th December 2016 09:58

Re: What plant?

from Seasons Gardening

Its hard to say from the photo, have you got any photos of the foliage of the plant or something that gives a better idea of the size of the plant?

  • Posted: Sat. 17th December 2016 09:54

Re: What is this weed growing all over my garden?!

from Seasons Gardening

Looks like buttercup to me, it spreads by throwing out runners and in a lawn quite hard to manually remove.
A good lawnfeed with a weedkiller applied in spring will probably get rid of it, if you don't mind using chemicals.

  • Posted: Sat. 17th December 2016 09:52

Re: Hi, I usually cut this clematis back in the autumn but due to my wife being ill didn't get round to it. Is it now too late to risk cutting it back with all the frost about?

from Seasons Gardening

I think you will be fine cutting it back even in the middle of winter,
it is a Clematis in the pruning group 2 which are all cut back in late winter, early spring and sometimes after their first flush of flowers.
For more info, https://www.rhs.org.uk/advice/profile?pid=346

Hope that helps,

  • Posted: Sat. 17th December 2016 09:48

Re: Is this dying?

from Seasons Gardening

Hi Lou,

have you tried scraping away a bit of the bark with your finger nail? If it is green underneath, its alive, if it dry and brown it is probably dead, although that can just be the odd branch that has died off.
I believe your Chantilly Lace is the type of hydrangea that you cut back every year, a very good website with also pruning information is: http://www.hydrangeashydrangeas.com/paniculata_var.html (hope you dont mind Nicola referring to another website?)
Also, Hydrangeas like it moist which can be tricky in a pot.
I would cut all branches back to about 10-15cm, top up the pot with stable manure or a good compost and I am sure you will have lots of new growth and flowers next year.

Kind regards,

  • Posted: Sat. 3rd December 2011 13:17

Re: Can anyone please identify this plant?

from Seasons Gardening


it looks like a Euphorbia to me,
you can easily identify them by pulling off a little leaf. If a white sap appears from the wound then it is most likely a member of the Euphorbia family, watch out though, the sap is irritating to the skin! Looking at the size and leaf it could be Euphorbia characias. There are thousands of Euphorbia varieties, so hard to tell which one exactly, but the Euphorbia characias mostly like full sun and well drained soil.

Kind regards,

  • Posted: Sun. 20th November 2011 12:21

Re: Bamboo Confusion

from Seasons Gardening


in general the Fargesia muralae are very good for upright interest, Jumbo goes quite tall (4m) Bimbo is a lot smaller 1-2m and Simba in between. A good website for info on varieties is http://www.junglegiants.co.uk/acatalog/Fargesia.html and you can order from them as well.
Good luck with your bamboo search!

  • Posted: Fri. 24th September 2010 12:48