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Frost damaged Clematis Jingle Bells?

from HELEN

I planted a couple of Clematis Jingle Bells last year and they were doing really well they had grown a good metre up the trellis and appeared to be thriving. But now they appear completely dead. The leaves are limp and and are no signs of life at the leaf joints. See pictures - pretty sorry looking! Although they still seem pretty well anchored into the ground.

I am assuming the cold winter hasn't been kind to them as they were young plants and probably not well enough established to take the snow and the frost.

Any suggestions - could/should I cut them back and see what happens?

  • Posted: Sun. 3rd April 2011 12:24
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Re: Re: Cutting back for winter

from HELEN

Thank you again Kathy. I will get that done today.

  • Posted: Tue. 16th November 2010 07:56

Cutting back for winter

from HELEN

I have a couple of campanula I planted last spring and they have settled into lovely mounds. The flowers are jsut about done now. Should I cut these back. I have read that they should be cut to 2 - 4 inches and given a winter coating of mulch. However I would like a second opinion on that.
Many thanks.

  • Posted: Mon. 15th November 2010 14:46
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Echinops I need to move or store

from HELEN

Hi I have a lovely clump of Echinops in my garden, however its in a spot I need to turn to lawn as I'm currently trying to widen the lawn and access to the end of the garden. Can I just dig up the clump and divide and move? Or possible store them until I have the right spot ready for them? I need to hack on with this next stage in the garden but am worried its the wrong time to dig them up.

  • Posted: Wed. 10th November 2010 10:59
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Begonia Bonfire

from HELEN

Can anyone advise on what to do with this during the winter? I have taken a few cuttings to be on the safe side. Should I cut it back at all or just pop it in the greenhouse to overwinter?

Any advice would be appreicaited.

  • Posted: Thu. 21st October 2010 14:12
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I know what my plant is but...........

from HELEN

....... can't find it on here and so can't add it to my list. I've got the card and all details etc....
Sorry I'm a newbie here. Any guidance please would be much appreciated?

  • Posted: Sat. 16th October 2010 14:48
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Re: Re: Hello from a new member

from HELEN

Thanks Nicola. I think Shoot found me on Twitter - I must have used one of those all important words 'garden' or 'gardening'. And I followed back. - @elevndv
I'll thank all in advance for all the help I'm sure I'll get!

  • Posted: Sat. 16th October 2010 14:18

Hello from a new member

from HELEN

Hi just wanted to say hello. I'm new to the site, it looks great. I will no doubt be posting lots of questions as a new gardener. Following you on Twitter too!

  • Posted: Sat. 16th October 2010 09:51
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