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Making 'rooms'

from Fi

Hi, thanks for taking the time to look at our amateur efforts!
As you will see from the pic, I have already tried to make rooms - the top of the garden behind the summerhouse is wildlife on the right, veggie plot on the left. However the grass and borders on the right beyond the gravel patio, and the still to be developed grassy area on the left, are a problem for me. I like to see the plants at the top, but would like to have a bit more interest nearer the house, also provide some privacy and block off the wind - the view is looking south east.

  • Posted: Sat. 18th April 2009 22:08
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Recommendation - pic of my summerhouse!

from Fi

Hi Nicola
I used a local St Albans company called Millers, they are next door to Ayletts on the A414 between Hatfield and St Albans/Watford. There is a greatdisplay there and lots of advice too.
I've attached a pic of my summerhouse from them, I also have a 3' little shed - very pleased with both - they did the base and erected them.
Currently they have some Spring bargains! Never could resist!

  • Posted: Sat. 18th April 2009 21:58

A real wildlife 'garden'! North Norfolk Saltmarshes

from Fi

Now this is my idea of a 'pond' and wildlife gardening! Kelling, nr Sheringham/Holt North Norfolk. A pair of avocets I believe to those twitchers of you.

  • Posted: Fri. 17th April 2009 22:32
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from Fi

Hi Jo
It's looking very pretty - should grow pretty quickly and look more natural by summer.

I was thinking of getting a solar fountain for my ornamental pond (will try and upload a pic) as they help with aeration - are, or have you, got anything like that in mind?

My little water lilies are coming up to the surface already - can't wait! I also have a grass called a Junkus (not sure if spelt right) which has wiggly stems, goes in the margins - great fun if you wanted to try it.

Speak soon - will take pics of my now planted veg plot when it stops raining!


  • Posted: Fri. 17th April 2009 17:43

Far away

from Fi

I think you are probably lucky to have moved far away from London - having just returned fromNorfolk it made me realise how crowded it all is, and so rushed.
It will be my pleasure to share Hampton Court on the forum - and I think Nicola and co also feature photos from all the major shows, in fact I plagiarised some of Chris Beardshaw's plant ideas for my own from their lists of planting.
I'm hoping to book tickets at the end of this week for me and one or two lady friends. Hope other of us 'shoots' may still be able to meet up.
Speak soon Kathy, thanks for your seed advice too! Should have put the heating on, but too expensive!

  • Posted: Wed. 15th April 2009 19:53

Of course!

from Fi

Thanks Mark - of course, I must hoe them. I've been busy again today in the adjacent veggie plot and noticed hundreds of two leaved seedlings - my heart sank! But of course, I can hoe them while they're still tiny. Seems obvious now, but sometimes all the jobs at this time of year seem so overwhelming.
Today I've trodden down my raised beds, raked them to a fine tilth, planted runner and dwarf bean seedlings, mange tout seedlings, broccoli and lettuce seedlings, pea, cauliflower and carrot seeds. Stakes, canes, pea sticked and netted the whole lot! Phew. Hope it rains tonight as run out of puff for any more watering (puddled the seedlings in).
Thanks for your valuable advice.

  • Posted: Tue. 14th April 2009 19:43

Think you've got it

from Fi

Hi Laura
Multi purpose, peat free - a new venture for me trying to be eco friendly. John Innes has peat doesn't it - must need the lightness of texture.
A friend told me to put the seeds in a plastic tub in the airing cupboard for a week, then sow - I'm trying that now.
I had the seeds in trays on my kitchen window sill, but probably not warm enough this year (got away with it last year - milder?).
I'll try again next weekend, otherwise it's off to the garden centre for half a dozen moneymakers etc!
Thaks for your help.
Fi x

  • Posted: Mon. 13th April 2009 22:37

A possible resource

from Fi

Hi Jo
I've bought gardening stuff from Harrod Horticultural before and they recommend 7mm netting - if you google them there is lots of info on their site. Hope this helps (got my link a bords from them!).

  • Posted: Mon. 13th April 2009 22:32

Hampton Court

from Fi

I'm planning on visiting Hampton Court this year, on Friday 10th July. If anyone is going that day, it would be lovely to meet up for a coffee (or maybe a Pims?).
Thinking of sunshine, warmth and lots of plants and flowers - bliss, aaah
Let me know and we can arrange a time and place once the plans are on the website.

  • Posted: Sun. 12th April 2009 21:27
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Failed! Tomato and Sweet Pepper seeds

from Fi

My tomato and sweet pepper seeds have failed to germinate - tried to keep them warm but nothing to show after 2 weeks.
Any tips would be appreciated - imagine they've rotted by now.
Sad Fi

  • Posted: Sun. 12th April 2009 21:23
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