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Oooooh yes!

from Fi

Definitely, takes a few years, but we can recognise them! She's great, and will succeed no matter what. Chalk andcheese, strange isn't it how they can be so different? Bethany looks very wise and lovely, and deserves the best.
How proud you must be. It's funny but pictures of my daughter recently have veered between the two - probably mood change!
Love Fi

  • Posted: Thu. 2nd April 2009 22:29

Thanks for the chin up

from Fi

Thanks - felt a bit stupid to say the least.
But now .... went to check the few seeds I have entrusted to it to find they are bone dry! Must be getting very warm, good job I've kept the rest on the window sill!
BTW mange tout and sweet peas emerging after 4 days!!
Fi x

  • Posted: Thu. 2nd April 2009 22:24

Not sure you can?

from Fi

I've found the same Lorna, I don't think you can upload multiple pics. For example, I would have liked to upload a couple of pics of my garden over and above a pic of me (!) but couldn't do it.
If I;m being obtuse, let me know.

  • Posted: Thu. 2nd April 2009 22:21

Hi Emma

from Fi

It sounds as if you're going to have lots of fun replanning and planting new schemes - look forward to seeing some pics if you can.
Conifers are lovely, depending on the variety! If they are too fast growers, ie. leylandii, if you don't want to have to cut them every spring and autumn (they are fast growers as you prob know), I would take every other one or two out and replace with something more shrubby or hedgerow tree-like. The robins should have fledged by May - you could wait till next October when everything's dormant to be safe if you want to start radical cutting. If you look on RSPB site you can get some great hints for hedging for birds and insects. Sorry if I'm yet again teaching my grandmother etc. ... can't help myself, just an enthusiast. I used to run a children's wildlife group called Wildlife Watch - they benefit so much from observing the outside world - everything's new!
Any way, rambling on, good luck and look foward to seeing how you're doing.

  • Posted: Thu. 2nd April 2009 22:19


from Fi

Hi Jo
I thinkthe only antidote to caterpillars is to cut the stem off, or pick them off! Can't bear to kill them as thereareso few butterflies now.
I'm planting Charlottes, I think if I leave them in a few extra weeks they will probably be okay for middle crops too.
My pond is top left, bit unclear, only about 1m sq but successful so far - nymph lily seems to be growing even though the water's still pretty green. Have some canadian pond weed for oxygenation, and sprinkle from the hosepipe occasionally for oxygen.
Still haven't decided where to put fruit bushes - apparently they need stakes and wires! Didn't know that.
How you doing - ps thanks for the tip about the allotment, think I will great advice.

  • Posted: Thu. 2nd April 2009 22:10


from Fi

Hi Andrew, thanks for taking the time to answer my question - it's really helpful. I had some concerns as I try to garden organically. I think I will just have to get the kneeler out and pull them out by hand. If I had wanted hardy geraniums, they wouldn't have taken would they! I did try some spray weed killer last year but felt quite sick when I saw the wilting, brown plants. I have lots of frogs, and a family of hedgehogs so think I'll take your warning and stay organic. Thanks for reminding me.
The pic you have with your link is beautiful.
Thanks again,

  • Posted: Wed. 1st April 2009 17:49


from Fi

Thanks Jo, it'll be fun to swap how we're doing.
Last year I grew some runner beans, peas, curly kale and purple sprouting broccoli, and carrots.
The weather was against everyone I think for theflowers on beans and peas, but managed to get a couple of platefuls. I thought the brassicas were doomed after the caterpillars were about 3 deep on them last September! But I cut the tops off, and lo - I have been enjoying fresh kale and broccoli since February! I had just pulled them up for composting when I took the pic. I also tried tomatoes but they stayed green, lack of sun more than my lack of skill I hope.
The area used to have a large pond in the middle and I let wild flowers and grass grow everywhere. This year I decided to move the pond and dig the rest for veg - it's been jolly hard work and not finished preparing yet, but determined. It does make things easier not having to travel to an allotment, but less sociable! I may share one with a friend who's interested next year.
Speak soon

  • Posted: Wed. 1st April 2009 17:42

A real tonic!

from Fi

They're a real tonic Lorna - beaming smiles, and so pretty! Thanks for sharing them, you have a wonderful family.

  • Posted: Wed. 1st April 2009 17:34

Gravel and stone patio - weed propagation!

from Fi

The attached pic shows my (diy) patio, gravel and slate slabs which having built myself I am very proud of. It features an acer palmatum dissectum, corylus avellana contorta, black stemmed bamboo. Unwelcome visitors include herb robert, chickweed, grass, hardy geraniums which self seed hydroponically!
How best do I control the weed propagation without killing the wanted plants? And am I heading for problems with my choice of plants - gloomy friends tell me so, but I love them.
Many thanks.

  • Posted: Tue. 31st March 2009 17:59
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New veggie/fruit plot (with photo!)

from Fi

I've been planning and digging out a new veggie/fruit area at the top of my garden - which I am going to class as my 'Allotment'! This is a pic of my work in progress. Just to give some perspective, the link a bord beds are 1.2 m, the larger bed is approx 3 x 2m, and behind the compost bin (full of weeds) is another narrow bed for runners I thought. The log-framed area is my new wildlife pond which I am going to surround with wild flowers. Out of shot I have an Apple, Pear and 3 greengage trees underplanted with wild flowers too.
I'd like to share my progress with you other allotmenteers, and spectators. Just waiting for the seeds to start shooting now - the potatoes are chitting nicely and will go in this weekend.
Happy gardening all.

  • Posted: Tue. 31st March 2009 17:48
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