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What can I grow with grape vine in my greenhouse?

from Wendy

I have two mature grape vines that I inherited in my greenhouse. I believe that tomatoes and cucumbers need different requirements so what else can I grow along side the vines?

  • Posted: Tue. 15th September 2015 12:56
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from Wendy

Thanks for your advice. Have found another farmer who is happy to deliver more muck. Best wishes.

  • Posted: Fri. 5th March 2010 15:35

Retailer index

from Wendy

Thanks Nicola for your help. Have found another local farmer who is happy to deliver some manure for us. Best wishes.

  • Posted: Fri. 5th March 2010 15:34

Well rotted horse manure

from Wendy

Can anyone recommend a farmer/supplier who delivers well rotted horse/farmyard manure to the Wirral area please? Our normal supplier has let us down.
Many thanks. Wendy.

  • Posted: Thu. 4th March 2010 16:08
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Hits and Misses

from Wendy

Hi Marissa
It was great to hear about your year. If it helps, I started my garlic and onions in jiffy pellets in a cold frame and then planted them out in late spring. This kept them from getting an early soaking. Good luck with your greenhouse.
Best wishes, Wendy

  • Posted: Fri. 9th October 2009 09:45

Hits and Misses!

from Wendy

Hi folks
Well the year started out optimistically with lots of seeds sown and germinated. Successes include beetroot, tomatoes, sweetcorn and many others but I grew potatoes in sacks this year and can't say I'll bother again. I think I got no more a dozen potatoes! I'll stick to growing them in the ground in future.

I also grew Nicotiana 'Fragrant Cloud' and got carried away with the amount of seedlings (somewhere around the 50 mark were grown)! However, they weren't wasted as each year, local gardens open up to the public in aid of a charity so they were donated to the worthy cause.

Would love to hear about anyone elses hits and misses?

All the best Wendy.

PS: Spent a fortune this afternoon on seeds for next year!!

  • Posted: Sun. 4th October 2009 19:11
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Autumn harvest

from Wendy

Just wondered how everyone's got on and what plans anyone has for planting winter veg?

Have spent this week making red tomato chutney from the vast quantities of cherry tomatoes grown in our greenhouse and boiling beetroot which tastes sweet and delicious. I think I'll pickle some for over winter as well. The rhubarb is not so prolific now but the sweetcorn is ready any day.

Best wishes, Wendy

  • Posted: Fri. 25th September 2009 10:40

Identifying Weeds

from Wendy

Hi Christine

What a job you've got - it must seem very daunting. However, don't dispair too much. We took on a new garden three years ago and how we managed was to break the garden down into sections. By just concentrating on one bit at a time, we worked our way through overgrown and neglected borders. If you google 'identifying weeds', you will find quite a few websites with pictures to help you find out what weeds you have in your garden.

I hope this helps, best wishes, Wendy.

  • Posted: Tue. 11th August 2009 14:15

No success yet!

from Wendy

I grew 3 x Burpless Tasty Green in my greenhouse in a heated propogater at the end of Feb. They were hardened off in a coldframe before being planted in their final position around mid-May but to no avail. After a week, they withered and died. I then put a couple of seed straight into the ground and so far they seem to be hanging on in there. They have about 5 leaves now but I'm not holding my breath. Next year I'll try growing cucumbers from seed outside but a little earlier and also grow some to maturity in the greenhouse as a comparison.

I like your tip for controlling Powdery Mildew.


  • Posted: Tue. 4th August 2009 08:19

Winter crops

from Wendy

Thanks Georgie, the Spring Onions and garlic sound promising though I agree with you about the Broad Beans and Peas. I'll let you know towards the end of the year on what I've chosen to grow.


  • Posted: Tue. 4th August 2009 08:01